Click Battle

Mystic Forces Unite!

Those primitive barbarians think that might alone will win the day, but in this Click Battle game, they will learn the true power of elemental magic! Quick, they’re on their way. Place attack towers to protect the townsfolk. Call the army of wizards to the front - it’s time to fight! Match three wizards or more to unleash devastating elemental attacks on your foes. Fight off wave after wave, repair the damage, and live to fight another day.

Rain Death on Your Enemies in Click Battle

Eventually, these savages will learn that you aren’t just a bunch of old men in robes. When they up their game, make sure to have a strategy. Build up your energy with normal attacks, and when you’re ready, unleash a super attack on the whole battlefield! Just wait until they see that fire raining down upon them. Onward, to the Click Battle!