Circle Run

And You Thought Snake Was Hard!

You’ll be begging to move in a straight line again after a few minutes of this Circle Run game, a super challenging version of snake that will have you hooked! You are constantly moving in a circle, and if you tap, you’ll rotate in the other direction to create a figure-eight. Not only do you have to collect tokens while moving like this, but you have to avoid flying enemies too! Trust us, it’s really, really hard when you first start.

Slither and Swerve for Points in Circle Run

We love the unique twist on traditional arcade gameplay that this game brings. If you’re like us, you are so used to moving left, right, up and down that circles totally “throw you for a loop.” That’s what makes it so challenging but so fun. If you can get a double-digit high score in Circle Run, you will definitely have our respect.