Christmas Panda Run

This Panda Is Really Endangered!

This game may be seasonal, but Christmas Panda Run isn’t exactly cheery. You’ve apparently landed yourself in the wrong part of town, and you have to fight your way out if you want to live! Vault over huge, tumbling snowballs and throw a couple of your own to take out goblins, ghouls, dogs and the wicked winged bombers they call crows. The farther you can make it and the more enemies you can take out, the greater your score will be.

Jump And Jive To Stay Alive In Christmas Panda Run

If you only shoot, you’ll get smashed by a snowball. If you only jump, a crow will peck your eyes out! Make sure to balance shooting, running and jumping to maximize your score in this arcade-style classic. Our record is 11 kills. Will you survive in this Christmas Panda Run game, or will you end up crumpled in the snow?