Christmas Ballons

Get That Fingernail Ready, It’s Time To Pop Some Christmas Balloons!

Santa’s reindeer needed a little help staying afloat this year, so he used Christmas Balloons to help them out. Now that their job has just finished, the magical balloons are being released into the air. What a perfect time to go the ultimate high score! Pop as many of these rubber jokesters as you can. Don’t worry about keeping track of the colors – the game will do that for you.

A Christmas Game For Kids

This game is one of our favorites for kids because it helps develop coordination, timing, and recognition of colors. Plus, it’s super fun and beautifully designed. If you let too many balloons get by you, though, the game will be over. We haven’t been able to make it past 15 pops. Can you make it to 20 or more in this Christmas Balloons game?