Chocolate Dream

What A Delicious Dream…

Whether you’re all about the nougat, caramel, dark chocolate, or whatever, Chocolate Dream has your craving covered. You have an entire board of delicious treats, but there’s one problem: they’re all mixed up! To get to the next level, you have to pull the old “switcheroo” to get them a little more organized. Switch two pieces to make rows of three, but make sure to follow the instructions for each level!

Think Ahead To Win In Chocolate Dream

You only have five moves to meet each level’s requirements, so you will have to be smart and resourceful. Remember, three is the minimum number required to make a combination that’s worth points. If you see an opportunity to rake in 5, 6, or even 7 pieces at once, it would be much better to try that than a simple 3-candy combination. Once you hit your first big combo, you will be craving more and more of this Chocolate Dream game!