Enjoy Checkers, A Timeless Classic

Nothing beats a good game of checkers. Enjoy a classic clashing of the red and blue against a rustic-looking checkerboard while you relax. Don’t worry, the computer is patient. You can take as long as you want to decide your next move. Get those pieces across the board to give them a serious promotion – kingship comes with its benefits, you know. Jump all of your opponent’s pieces, and hooray, you’ve won the game!

Feeling Cocky? Amp Up The Difficulty!

If you’re taking less than five seconds to decide each move and winning every game by a mile, stop babying yourself! You can always increase the difficulty of this game before starting a new round. There’s another way to make this tougher, too. If you’re playing with only eight pieces, try twelve. It is in this checkers game as it is in life – the hard-fought victory is always sweeter.