Chase Racing Cars

Chase Thrills With Chase Racing Cars

Our Chase Racing Cars game was designed for those who crave high-speed action. Maneuver your way through clusters of competing racecars as you scoop up coins. Slip past your rivals and keep your head on a swivel, because the slightest bump at this speed means you’re in for a sudden and explosive stop. If all else fails, we’ve built in a feature that provides you a serious edge over your competition…

It’s Not Playing Dirty, It’s Strategy

By “feature,” we mean bomb. You start with three of them, but you can find more if you are quick enough. If you get boxed in by a blockade of racecars, or if you just feel like it, use the bomb button to give them all a nasty surprise! After all, we said it was a race – we never said it was a clean race. Give Chase Racing Cars a try and get your adrenaline fix.