Celestial Fall

So That’s How Falling Stars Are Made!

Yes, they may be pretty, but in this Celestial Fall game, a falling star is not what you want to see. In fact, falling is the last thing you want to do. If you want to stay alive in this arcade game, you’ll have to stay on these white tiles. Steer clear of gaps and red tiles. Magda moves pretty quickly, so you will need a lot of skill to keep her zig-zagging under control.

Switch it Up with Celestial Fall Special Tokens

See those mysterious tokens? If you’re brave enough to veer off course and grab one, you’ll be well rewarded! The tiles will be shuffled in your favor, showing you the path to safety. The more tokens you can grab, the better chance you have at surviving. If you can get a Celestial Fall high score of 100 or more, then you’re a stellar player!