Caveman Adventures

Beware of Falling Rocks…

In this Caveman Adventures game, it’s more like bouncing boulders! Huge stones are tumbling down from the nearby cliffs, and if you don’t want our neanderthal hero to get squished, you will have to be very quick on your feet. Slide from left to right to avoid these hazards while you gorge on hot and delicious turkey. You get points for dodging rocks as well as finding turkeys, so get ready to run and eat at the same time!

Only the Fleet-Footed Survive Caveman Adventures

Did we mention that some of these boulders break up into smaller rocks after a couple of bounces? This is when things get really interesting. Dodge and dash your way under and around them to stay alive. If you can survive for long enough, you’ll get a big bonus! Our high score is 32. How long will you survive in Caveman Adventures?