Castle Defense

They’re Coming, and They’re Not Knocking

Oh no, they’re coming over the hill – prepare for Castle Defense! The forces of evil have allied to tear down your beautiful home and you with it. Cursed bats fly menacingly towards the gates, followed by savage ogres. They won’t get in without a fight! Quickly, run to the outer wall and prepare your defenses. It’s time for a little shooting practice. Choose your hero, gear up, and get over there!

Improve Your Castle Defense with Epic Weapons and Spells

If you really want to clobber your enemies in this archery game, you will have to take advantage of tower defense upgrades. Improve your strength, health, knockback and more. Unlock the magic tower to rain down fiery fury on your enemies! Whatever you do, don’t let them in. Use your archery skills to keep them all away, and you just might save your people in this Castle Defense game.