It’s Either You Or The Casino: Who Will Get Rich?

You know what they say about the Casino: the house always wins. In this exciting card game, however, you don’t have to worry about flushes, full houses, and any of those trickier hands. We’re playing pairs only, and if you can match enough of them in as few moves as possible, it will be you walking away with the fat pockets!

Keep Your Senses Sharp And The Chips Will Follow

In this game, you flip two cards at a time for $10 a card. If you don’t find a match right away, don’t worry. Just make sure to remember where all of the cards are, because the fewer moves you make, the more money you come out with in the end! Our record is $1450. If you can walk away with more greenbacks than us, we’ll have no choice but to crown you the Casino game master!