Captain War Zombie Killer

Take No Prisoners In Captain War Zombie Killer

In the case of our Captain War Zombie Killer game, to win is to survive. You find yourself in a desperate situation – surrounded on all sides by clusters of hungry zombies. Don’t think. Just pull out your sidearm and do what you’ve been trained to do. As you progress through each level, you will have to blast every zombie that you see or become their dinner.  

Bigger Guns Are Better Guns

Of course, that little peashooter that you start with won’t get you very far. See those little crates? Bust ‘em open and you’ll probably get a nice assault rifle. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a bazooka! Even if you’ve been clawed and bitten, you have to hang in there and forage for supplies – a health pack can save your life. When you’ve taken out the very last zombie, you will earn your true title: Captain War Zombie Killer!