Captain Rogers: Incident at Rooku

Navigate a Treacherous Asteroid Field in Captain Rogers: Incident at Rooku

Oh no, in this Captain Rogers: Incident at Rooku game, you’ve got a serious problem! Your space cruiser has taken damage, and the stabilizing rudder is shot. Looks like you will have to spin and flip your way back to your galactic headquarters. Too bad there’s a massive asteroid field between here and there! Well, no use complaining. Blast those asteroids out of your way and keep that ship in one piece, captain!

Is Your High Score Brag-Worthy?

This endless action game is all about skill, timing, and accurate shooting. Anyone can blast asteroids while flying straight, but only a master pilot can do it with a broken stabilizer. Edge your way around those space rocks, and if you can’t get around, blast ‘em. It’s time to hop in your spaceship and show us your skill. Will you beat our high score of 60 in Captain Rogers: Incident at Rooku?