Candy Swipe

Make Your Moves Count

In Candy Swipe, you need a sharp eye and strong logical thinking to get through a series of candy-filled puzzles. See multiple candies of the same type next to each other? Connect them to redeem them for points! Pay attention, though, to the type of candy that is required for each stage. You can gather points all day, but you only have twenty moves to provide the candies that are required to level up.

Rack up Those Candy Swipe Bonuses

Speaking of leveling up, there are tons of powerful and helpful bonuses that you can earn in this game. Want to blast your way through a whole row of candies? Earn some TNT and you can do just that! Are you tempted by what lies behind the locked piece? If you’ve worked hard enough to earn a key, then you can open it. That’s why we love this Candy Swipe game – you can play for points and for fun!