Candy Super Lines

Got A Sweet Tooth For Fun Puzzles?

Try not to drool as you slide the delicious morsels across the gameboard in this Candy Super Lines game, one of our favorite thinking games for killing time. We’ve got chocolates, lollipops, gumdrops, and all other classic candies just waiting to be matched in threes. Slide pieces around to make that happen, but beware: for every move that doesn’t result in a match, more candy will be added to the board!

Shoot For A Delicious High Score In Candy Super Lines

If you can stay ahead of the game and keep those matches coming, your board will be nice and clean. Make sure you don’t block any of your candies in, because you will need to move as many as you can to avoid clutter. If you can follow these easy tips, you will smash our high score of 3,000 in no time! Ready to set an unbeatable candy super line record?