Candy Match 3

What A Tasty Diversion Indeed

If you find it difficult to focus in Candy Match 3, it’s probably the waterfalls of delicious candy distracting you. Grab some candy of your own, then, and give this fun puzzle a try. Line candies of the same type up into rows or columns of three to earn points. If you’re really lucky, the candy that falls from the sky to refill what was lost creates more matches, and on and on it goes!

Can You Beat The Clock In This Candy Match 3 Game?  

For every match that you make, a couple of seconds will be added to the clock, so breathe easy. If you don’t do well under pressure, though, you may find yourself sweating to find that next match while the clock is ticking away. Stay calm, don’t get distracted, and you will ace the level! Ready to get your thinking cap on, you Candy Match 3 pro?