Candy Drop

Let The Battle Of The Sweets Begin!

Face off against the computer in an intense head-to-head battle with our Candy Drop game, a tough but exciting selection that will entertain you for hours! The gameplay in Candy Drop is turn-based: you drop a piece of candy into a slot, then the computer, and so forth. Your objective is to line up five candies of your color in a row. The row can be arranged vertically, horizontally, or even diagonally. Of course, the computer is going to try its best to stop you at every turn.

Attack And Retreat Wisely In Candy Drop

To beat the computer, you have to keep track of all of your potential rows and the computer’s at the same time. If you see the computer headed for a row of five, drop a candy in there and stop their momentum! If you only defend, of course, you will never get five of your own to line up. A balanced strategy is best in Candy Drop, where anything goes.