Bunny Quest

Those Are Some Serious Chompers

Wow, that bunny is hungry, and in this Bunny Quest game, he’s not out for a light snack. He is ready to devour one carrot after the other, but he needs your help. The stone path in front of our fuzzy friend has been all jumbled up! Can you slide the tiles around to help put it back together again? You will have to use logic to get bunny to the end AND grab the carrots.

Can You Earn Three Golden Carrots in Bunny Quest?

It might be easy for the first couple of levels, but those carrots will start to get away from you as you progress through the game. Make sure that when you slide these tiles around, you keep the carrots in bunny’s path. If you can manage to eat all three carrots, you’ll earn the maximum score! Ready to go on a Bunny Quest?