Wait, It’s Not Easter!

That’s right, in this Bunny Pop game, the bubble shooting action is year-round! As long as there are bubbles to be matched, these adorable animals won’t stop. They’re fast, organized, and they have plenty of ammo. Get ready for endless arcade fun, as you match groups of three or more bubbles for points. Make sure to keep everything matched up as best as you can, because if the bubbles get too low, you lose!

Earn Sweet Bunny Pop Bonuses

Ah, now we see why those bunnies are so determined to pop all of these bubbles. They can smell the carrots! With quick thinking and accurate shooting, you can find carrots to use in the bonus shop. Unlock an entire cast of bunny bombardiers in this matching game, and show those bubbles why they call you “bullseye.” Are you ready to fire? Then load up Bunny Pop!