Bunny Pop Easter

Fire Up That Egg Launcher, it’s Bunny Pop Easter!

These fuzzy little bunnies do things a little bit differently than the rest of us in this Bunny Pop Easter game. To celebrate their favorite holiday, they blast Easter eggs out of a cannon! Match three of the same design to crack those eggs for points. This arcade game requires organization and quick thinking to keep the screen from filling up. Wait, what are those carrots doing here?

The Bonus Shop Now Accepts Carrots

This bubble shooter rewards you with special pickups, if you can reach them. See that carrot nestled within all those eggs? Crack those shells and get to it! In between rounds, visit the shop and use carrots to unlock new bunnies. The bubbles you pop, the more carrots you can find. Pick your crew, load up that cannon, and take your best shot in Bunny Pop Easter!