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Welcome to 2D Battle Royale!

Prepare to experience beautifully brutal gunplay in its purest form with this Bullet League Robogeddon game. Your enemy? A horde of cold, calculated, unfeeling robots. Your objective? Simple – be the last man, or should we say boar, standing! This gritty contest of guts is one of the best platformer shooting games we’ve ever played. It brings all the fun of a 2D battle royale game to your device with none of the long wait times or “laggy” connection issues. All you have to do is load this up in your web browser and play! No downloads, no spectating, just action. When in doubt, just hold that trigger down and let it spray! Speaking of, let’s break down the gameplay a little bit more so you can get a sense of what’s waiting for you out there. After all, you wouldn’t want to enter this deadly battle zone unprepared, now would you?

How Will You Survive Bullet League Robogeddon?

Alright, so here’s the deal. You’ve been dropped into a hostile landscape where the terrain is just as treacherous as your murderous, metal opponents. Thought you’d start off with some big, shiny gun, did you? Nope! You’ve got nothing. Zilch. And there are 21 robots running around trying to kill you, so it’s probably a great idea to find yourself a weapon, and quick. Anything will do – a revolver, a shotgun, a sniper, or a machine gun. Once you’re armed to the teeth, er, tusks, then your job gets much easier. Shoot every “clanker” that comes your way, and don’t get killed! Need some cover? Use your metal pickaxe to mine for ore so you can build some cover when you need it. If you’re the last player alive, you win. Oh, did we mention that there’s a grid that will shrink constantly to make the map smaller, and if you get caught up in it, you die? There are many ways to be the last player standing in this game. The question is, what’s your play style? Let’s check out our options.

The Code of the Brawler

Brawlers don’t scurry around the map looking for places to hide. They don’t even really care about cover. In this bullet game and in all other platform shooting games, brawlers are all about action. They want to load up, head to an open area, find as many baddies as they can, and have an honest fight! If this is you, then we have just a couple suggestions. First and foremost, grab as many guns as you can. If you’re going to take out a dozen or more robots and win the game, you’ll need tons of bullets. Secondly, try to find a health-boost pickup. We know you might not think you need it, since you’re such a tough guy, but it’s an absolute must if you want to win! What’s step number three in being a brawler? Well, you know that all too well – squeeze that trigger. No need to be gentle, they’re just robots.

The Scoundrel’s Path

As fun as a knock-down-drag-out brawl may be, it’s not necessarily the easiest way to get first place. If you’re really determined to win, then you may want to consider a less direct approach. The scoundrel’s path is one of trickery and evasion. Should you still get weapons? Of course. The difference here, however, is that you are going to emphasize avoiding the fight as much as possible. After all, you technically only have to kill one enemy to win this game if you just avoid all the fights, because the robots will kill each other. So, if you want to be a scoundrel, simply run and hide. If you see a robot nearby, run to a new hiding spot. Corners are best. Go to a corner, set up cover in front of it, get your health boost ready, and hide as much as you can. When you see that there are only a few robots left, then march out there will full health and finish them off!

The Tactical Genius

Finally, there’s no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can be a brawler sometimes and a scoundrel other times, which is often the best way to win. For example, you can hide at the very beginning of the match, load up on gear, and then head to the fight. Brawl for a bit, use cover and health boosts wisely, and then run away again when you’re ready. We actually love this play style in Bullet League Robogeddon online because you can enjoy a bit of everything. Just don’t forget about that pesky grid while you’re running around – that thing stings!

Let it Rain Bullets

Bullet league pc games are one of the quickest and easiest ways to get you absolutely hooked on shooting games. We realize that you may still be craving some flashy gunslinger action after a few first place finishes, so we’ve set up an entire shooting games “gallery” for you. Just think of each game as a target, and try to knock them all down! Everything in this section is completely free and ready to play, as always. We’ve got a little something for everyone, too, whether you want to just take potshots at some targets or immerse yourself in an all-out war. Speaking of all-out war, there’s a faint call coming from the battlefield… It’s Bullet League Robogeddon, and it’s calling your name.