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In the Bubble Shooter game, you are steering a bubble cannon. Lookout, as there is an army of bubbles approaching and they are trying to get to the treasure. You of course want the treasure for yourself, so you must pop all the bubbles before they get to it! 


Aim - point the mouse

Release bubble - left click with the mouse

Use booster - left click and hold on the cannon, hover above the boost you want to choose, and release the left click to charge the booster

Match three to pop the bubbles!

The bubbles don't disappear just by being shot - you have to get 3 bubbles of the same color next to each other to pop them! If you shoot one color away, the bubble line will get back together again. If that makes another 3 bubbles match, you will get a bonus for a higher score!

Some bubbles will be prepared - they will wear hats and other armor to protect themselves. In this case, you will have to shoot them twice, first to eliminate the armor and then pop the bubble.

Boosts to make Bubble Shooter game easier

The bubbles just keep on coming and it can get too overwhelming. Shoot a boost at the bubbles and beat them!

Fire bomb - it will explode and pop many bubbles

Ice bomb - this cold icy bomb will freeze the bubble line for some extra time

TIme bomb - time boost will roll the bubble chain back

Mystery boost  - the mystery boost is, well, a mystery. Earn 150 stars for completed levels and find out what it does!

Collect golden coins and spin the wheel of fortune!

For achievements, you will receive gold coins, as well as a daily bonus, when you come to play. Return to Bubble Shooter every day to increase your daily bonus! What is even better, for time spent in the game, you will receive coins and boosts. Head to the store and collect the bonuses! With the money you have earned you can buy spins on the wheel of fortune. Here you can win even more coins or boosts! 


Bubble Shooter was developed by Gamebuilt

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