Bubble Hit

Bring It All Down On Their Heads

Get some sweet payback in this Bubble Hit game, one of our favorite action-packed titles. Those smirking bubbles think they can taunt you from the “safety” of their concrete fortresses, but they have no idea how wrong they are. Hurl explosive boulders at them to show them you mean business! If you topple the building around them, you’re likely to get a couple of bubbles with a single boulder.

In Bubble Hit, Less Is More

Wondering why you can’t get more than one or two stars? It’s all about the structural weak points! If you hurl an explosive boulder at the perfect spot, you can bring the entire building down while popping all of the bubbles. As for all of those boulders that you didn’t use, they count as extra points! That’s how you get into 3-star territory. Best of luck with Bubble Hit, and remember – placement is everything.