Bubble Hero

Save Trapped Mice!

Launch bubbles from your impressive ballista in Bubble Hero to save trapped mice! This is one of our favorites because it combines matching, precision shooting, and heroic adventures all into one. With each level, you have a limited number of bubbles to find and free your little friends. You have to match groups of identically colored bubbles to pop them, working your way higher and higher until you find the mice.

How To Become The Bubble Hero

On your heroic journey, you should look for and use powerups, like the “any color” pickup or the bomb, to help you take out more bubbles in fewer moves. Also, you can change the color of your currently equipped bubble to match what you are aiming at. If you run out of moves, your little buddies may never make it out! So plan out your moves, seek the powerups, and have fun playing this Bubble Hero game.