Bubble Fish

Pop The Bubble Fish In Groups Of 3 Or More

Well, this is awkward – we have a cluster of multi-colored Bubble Fish sticking together. To get them out of this jam, you will have to shoot members of their own kind at them so that three of the same color are stuck together. Once you make a cluster of 3, pop! Make sure you make each shot count because you are limited in both space and time. Clear the board and the round is yours – if you get enough stars, that is.


Bummed about only getting one or two stars? Don’t worry, you can retry the level. You will have to do two things to improve: go faster and pop larger combos. We’ll even throw in a pro tip for you: the next fish in line to be launched is displayed at the bottom of the screen. With enough practice, you’ll be nailing 3-star attempts on every level of this Bubble Fish game!