Brick Out

Finally, A Brick Breaker With Charm!

If you’re tired of drab backgrounds and predictable gameplay, then this Brick Out game will provide a much-needed spin on the classic, skill-based arcade genre. Launch that ball towards a colorful army of bricks and clamber from side to side to keep it in play. Enjoy fun sound effects and colorful backgrounds as you try your best to work the perfect angles. After just a few seconds of play, you may find yourself asking, “What are those things falling from the sky…?”

If You Love Power Ups, You’ll Love Brick Out

This game went a little overboard with the power ups – but we love it! After smashing a few bricks, you will see power ups for rockets, balls of flame, a wider paddle, extra lives, and more start raining from the top of the map. If you can keep the ball in play while you collect all of these helpful power ups, you’ll pulverize each Brick Out level in seconds!