Brave Triangle

More Than Just A Shape

This Brave Triangle was born for adventure, and he’s running off to find it! It’s a big world out there, filled with plenty of barriers. With quick reflexes and a little skill, however, you should be able to make it far in this arcade game. Slip your way through narrow gates as a futuristic beat pulses in the background. Dash left and right to avoid the walls. This heroic adventurer only knows one speed: full. If you even graze a wall, BOOM!

The Secret to a Brave Triangle High Score

If you want a really good high score, you will need to follow a few tips. First, always look at least one obstacle ahead. Next, if the gap is too far on the other side, teleport through the edge of the level! Finally, remember to take risks. The hero of this Brave Triangle game didn’t come all the way here to play it safe.