Brave Explorers

Adventure Awaits The Brave Explorers

If thrill-seeking and adventure are in your blood, then check out this Brave Explorers game at Kiloo Play! Be warned, this action and adventure game isn’t for the timid or weak – along with adventure comes great risks, friend. Explore thousand-year-old tombs and search for treasure in this arcade exploration game. Make sure you pay attention to the narrow platforms and sudden drops – we’d hate to see you fall off the level!

Danger At Every Turn

Did we mention there would be giant insects guarding these tombs? Make sure to tiptoe around them, because they have a very nasty sting. Step on the ancient platforms to get obstacles out of your way, but watch out for booby traps. You’re on the clock, too, so try to make it through each level quickly. Complete each level with a fistful of coins, and you’ll do just fine in Brave Explorers.