Bounce Ball

A Platformer in its Purest Form

Prepare yourself for an online traditional platformer, according to the most fundamental definition of the word. Forget about all the extra mechanics and combat system from Metroidvania-style titles, Bounce Ball is true to its name game: you control a ball, and you make it bounce.

There are no additional controls to learn. Use left and right to direct the ball, and up to make it jump. There are no controls for attacks, or boosts, or dashes, or else. Just simple left, right, up, platforms. All you need to do in this free bounce ball game is run the ball through a number of rings, and then leave through the exit door.

Beware Ye Who Enter Here

Make no mistake, however, this is not just a puzzle bounce ball game of where to jump or which direction to take. While those elements are present, there are dangers that must be avoided: piping hot spiked poles. If the ball comes in contact with those, it will simply explode, and you will lose one life.

Since you start with only two lives per level in this free ball game, there are only so many mistakes you can make! However, there is a ray of hope! Spread throughout the levels are extra lives (for that level only). Picking them up gives you an extra life… but it is not always worth it! They are sometimes placed in tricky locations.

Size Matters

Spread throughout the levels you will also find augmentation poles in green and diminishing poles in red. They make the bounce ball bigger or smaller depending on its current state. Why this matters is because some of the rings you need to cross are smaller, and only the small ball can go through them.

On the other hand, when you encounter water, only the big ball can float to the surface. The small ball ignores water completely as it is too small to have an impact.

Some levels require you to figure out the puzzle of balancing between different sizes. Not everything can be easy in our favorite online free bounce ball game.

Jump Up, Jump Up, and Get Down

In more advanced levels in our free bounce ball game, you will also find green energy pick-ups. Those turn your ball green and let you double jump. But be careful, the effect is limited and works only for a short amount of time!

Play Now!

Forget all about unnecessarily complicated controls and get ready for an intense platformer that is sure to challenge your wits! Bounce your way to victory in Bounce Ball!