The Best Online Bob the Robber Games

Bob the Robber

Bob the Robber 2

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Bob the Robber 4

Bob the Robber 5 : The Temple Adventure

Got a Thing for Shiny Stuff?

 It’s the “forbidden fruit,” that makes these Bob the Robber Games so fun and exciting, and how sweet a fruit it is. What we mean by that is, you wouldn’t go breaking into places and stealing all kinds of shiny loot in real life (at least we hope not), so it feels really good to do it in a Bob the Robber unblocked game! If you’re the type to fog up the windows at the jewelry store because you love staring at all the shiny diamonds, then you’ll love these games. Never heard of Bob the Robber before? He’s a world-famous (or should we say infamous?) thief who is hated by police and loved by gamers everywhere. He may be fond of nicking gold coins and valuable artifacts, but there’s nothing “common” about this thief. Deep down, he has a lion’s heart, and he’ll use his sneaky powers to protect the innocent.

Bob the Robber Games Are a Growing Legacy

Over the years, our buddy Bob has had his share of adventures, that’s for sure. In fact, he’s tiptoed his way out of so many impossible situations, that people see him as more than a man. He’s a legend, and we have the amazing opportunity to relive his legacy by playing all the Bob the Robber games. Yep, that’s right, we have all of his most famous games in our free and unblocked category! In each of these adventures, Bob travels to a new place. He doesn’t care where it is, just as long as he knows there is plenty of treasure to be had. We highly recommend you play through these games in order so that you can see all of Bob’s amazing story from start to finish. If you do, you’ll be able to experience both the awesome storyline and the amazing features this franchise has made use of throughout the series.

Get in and Get Out

With each game, you’ll be able to play through a series of sites, earning stars for how well you perform at each one. The game will show you a menu of these locations that you’re planning to hit from a city-wide perspective. We love looking around on this map because it makes us feel like we really had a hand in the planning process. “Alright, first I’ll hit the bank on 3rd street, then the warehouse on fifth and Elm.” In the first Bob the Robber, for example, you are going through the businesses and assets of a certain crooked mayor who is trying to ruin your town. He may not sound like a hero, but Bob the Robber can be one when he needs to be.

Tools Are a Must

A true robber should be able to get out of any jam with nothing more than the clothes on their back, but it wouldn’t be pretty. The better your tools are, the less chance there is of getting caught or not making it past security systems. This is why the Bob the Robber franchise has made sure to arm players with all kinds of fancy lock picks, skeleton keys, and other gadgets that help you get the job done quickly and quietly. In Bob the Robber 2, you can earn even more gadgets than in the first one, so keep your eyes peeled for helpful hardware.

When Push Comes to Shove

It’s almost always best to avoid conflict when you’re trying to rob someone. Even if you knock someone out and escape with the goods, that’s going to paint a target on your back that you definitely don’t want. The best robbers in the world are so good that nobody even knows they were ever there in the first place. However, not every job is perfect. In Bob the Robber 4, for example, we noticed that we had to fight guards a lot more. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Just make sure you knock them out in one hit so they can’t call for backup!

Exotic Locales

We didn’t mention it, but in the fourth game of this series, you get to go to lovely Paris. If you think that’s an adventure, just wait until Bob the Robber 5: The Temple of Adventure, when you’re tiptoeing down dusty corridors underneath a long-forgotten temple! We love how this franchise starts you out in your hometown and then transports you to far-off lands for even greater adventures. It really helps to build on Bob’s story in a unique way, and it gives us more unblocked games to play, of course! Really, each game is like a chapter, and so far, it’s been nothing but excitement.

Our Favorite Trademarks

Whichever one of these free online games you play, you’re bound to come across some genre-defining trademarks. Bob the Robber added a lot of fun and innovative twists to gaming in general, and they show up in each of the games in this series. For example, the ability to conceal yourself in a shadow. Bob the Robber is so sneaky, he can flatten himself against a wall and remain undetected in the shadows, even if someone walks right by him! Also, you get to control the lock-picking device every time you have to get through a door. Finally, we love how you can duck under a camera’s blind spot, wait, and then take off running when it looks the other way. It’s little features like this that make all Bob the Robber games so fun!