The World is Your Race Track in BMX Kid!

Get ready for the ultimate extreme sports adventure in this BMX Kid game, where big risks and style are king! Zoom down the steepest hills and launch off of ramps. Hop over obstacles, grind on guard rails, and of course – bust out as many cool tricks as you can. This game is simple and highly addictive, bringing you a never-ending thrill ride. You can brave hilly courses in arcade or go for a high score in survival mode.

Wanna Ace Each Level? Here’s How

We know it’s hard not to always fly off the hilltops for big stunts, but make sure to snag all of those trophies and tokens too! This will help you unlock more players and get higher scores. Also, try not to fall for the whole level. If you can accomplish these, you’ll ace each level for sure. Show us what you got, BMX Kid!