Blow Fish

It’s Not Quite Pinball…

Yes, you start off each round of Blow Fish by launching a ball, but there are several differences between this game and pinball. First of all, it’s not a ball, it’s a pearl. Secondly, you want the ball to go out of play – so long as you take a ton of little fishies out first! Whack each fish with your pearl to take it out. If you can bullseye the side-shuffling crab below, you’ll grant yourself an extra shot. Your objective is to take every fish out and advance to the next round.

Combos Are King In This Blow Fish Game

If you’re wondering why you aren’t getting 3 stars, it’s because you don’t take enough fish out before losing the ball. You will need to nail several fish with each ball to get extra points and stars. So go for those combos! Ready to test your aim with Blow Fish?