Blackbeard's Island

Arrr! Me Treasure’s Spilled Out of Me Bag!

What good is thievin’ if you can’t even get your haul off of Blackbeard’s Island and onto your ship? As the infamous pirate Blackbeard was dragging his bag of treasure along the sand, it started feeling lighter and lighter. Then, when he looked back, the pirate realized he was leakin’ gold doubloons through a hole in his gunny sack! Now you’re in for a real puzzle indeed.

Beware the Beasts of Blackbeard’s Island…

Well, if you want those gold coins, you’re going to have to dig through the sand to get them. Use rocks and barrels to stop Blackbeard, otherwise he will search too far in the wrong direction. Most of all, make sure those mean old crabs don’t get you. They’re so tough and ruthless, even old Blackbeard doesn’t mess with ‘em! Have fun with this Blackbeard’s Island game, and don’t leave a single coin behind.