Birdy Rush

A Slow Birdy is a Squished Birdy!

We know you’re very quick in the air, but you will need to be equally fast on your feet in order to survive this Birdy Rush game. Why? Boxes are falling from the sky, and they’re heading straight for you! Scramble left and right to avoid being pancaked while you grab feather tokens. If you have to, climb up the side of a box to avoid being crushed.

Switch It up with Birdy Rush Upgrades

This arcade game is a catchy and fun test of skill that reminds us of many arcade classics from the 80s and 90s. To keep you thrilled for even longer, this game allows you to redeem your tokens for more birds and game worlds. Just make sure to always keep one eye on the sky when you’re grabbing those feathers in Birdy Rush - or you’ll lose several of your own.