Bingo Halloween

Bingo Halloween is a Spooky Smash!

This isn’t your everyday, ordinary bingo - this is Bingo Halloween! There are no cute prizes here, just cobwebs and creepy bats. The game takes place in front of a haunted mansion on a dark Halloween night. It’s a one-on-one contest of casino-style bingo action. You and the CPU each have a card. Spin the wheel to determine the next number, and park a pumpkin on each spot. Whoever matches five gets a point, and the first to three points wins!

A New Twist on Basic Bingo

We enjoy this game because it puts two fun twists on classic bingo. First of all, you are up against a single opponent, and you can see their card. Secondly, the scary theme makes it that much more fun to win! Just don’t expect a cutesy little cupcake as a prize. Let’s just say that this Bingo Halloween game will be nice enough to let you walk away...