Ben 10: Ultimate Defender

Make Those Alien Criminals Pay

Before they knew about Ben 10: Ultimate Defender, the aliens thought it would be easy to take advantage of earth. We don’t have robotic exoskeletons or super powers. We’re helpless, right? Not with Ben Tennyson around. With the help of his trusty omnitrix, he’s fighting alien criminals and stopping invasion attempts. This arcade game drops you right into the action with a classic birds-eye view. Run around shooting and punching aliens as one of three fearsome beasts – what more could you ask for in a superhero game? How about tons of action-packed levels, powerups to boost your performance, and plenty of awards?

How to Earn Ben 10: Ultimate Defender Awards

Earth is eternally grateful for your heroic work, Ben. Every time you complete an achievement, like beating a level, you will be rewarded. This is one reason we love this game – it pushes you to achieve more and more until you’ve eventually wiped the alien scum from the planet. Don’t celebrate too early, though, these guys aren’t going to let up easily! Acquire your target, take them out, and keep repeating this until the last slimy foe has hit the dirt. Then and only then will you be crowned the hero in this Ben 10: Ultimate Defender game. To learn more about Ben 10, check out our Ben 10 category page.