Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix

Show Those Aliens Whose Planet It Is in Ben 10: Power Of The Omnitrix

What seems like a beautiful meteor shower in the beginning of Ben 10: Power Of The Omnitrix is actually an alien attack! Aliens have rained down corrodium meteorites, causing your omnitrix to malfunction. Until you can find the source of the corrodium, you can’t transform. Make your way through the city to the source of the interference, which is in the woods somewhere. Rest assured, there will be plenty of slimy aliens standing in your way. It’s a good thing Ben knows how to handle himself! Our action hero doesn’t care that he can’t transform – it’s time to show those aliens who they’re messing with.

Use Advanced Combat Capabilities

Since you can’t use the omnitrix at the beginning of this Ben 10: Power Of The Omnitrix game, we recommend you take advantage of Ben’s advanced combat capabilities. Get your enemy in front of you and unleash a devastating chain attack! Hold that action button down or tap it rapidly to do extra combo damage. When those drones are warming up their lasers, do a roll to duck under them and close the gap. Soon, you’ll find that the more aliens you defeat in this action-packed arcade game, the weaker the corrodium signal gets. You know what that means – it’s time to transform!

Those Slimy Slugs Are In Big Trouble Now…

Let’s see how those mutated crawlers do against old Fourarms, eh? He packs an even bigger punch than Ben, who’s no slouch to begin with. If you can keep your omnitrix powered up, you will gain the ability to transform into multiple aliens, smashing obstacles and pulverizing all enemies in your path. Enjoy expansive, challenging levels and nonstop action in Ben 10: Power Of The Omnitrix. To stay up to date on all the Ben 10 action, check out our Ben 10 category page.