Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix

They Came to the Wrong Planet

Those aliens and evil drones think they’re sooo clever. They thought that they could attack Earth and pass it off as a meteor shower, but Ben 10 and his crew aren’t fooled at all. Join the world-famous Cartoon Network character and his allies as they set out to squash this invasion at the source. The good news? You know where the aliens landed, and you can meet them head on. The bad news? At the start of this Ben 10 online game, your omnitrix is broken! It’s because the aliens brought corrodium to Earth. Looks like there’s only one way to fix it – by going through them.  

Our Hero is Not Alone in Ben 10: Power of the Omnitrix

Though you can’t transform into his alien buddies at first, after you kill a few slimy slugs and clunky drones, the corrodium level decreases and the omnitrix comes back on line! Oh, they’re really in trouble now. Fill up your green bar by taking out baddies as Ben 10, and when you’re ready, morph into a terrifying extraterrestrial! If those aliens thought Ben 10 was tough, just wait until the omnitrix introduces them to Four Arms. He’s not much of a talker, but boy can he smash things. He’s just the beginning, too. As you progress through the game, you can breathe fire, shoot acid, and all kinds of fun stuff.

Explore a Sophisticated Combat System

Whether you’re in a transformed state or not in this Ben 10 online game, you have plenty of tricks up your sleeve when it comes to combat.  Ben 10 is a whole lot tougher than he looks, so if the omnitrix is low on power, don’t worry – he can still get the job done. Let’s walk you through our top tips when it comes to combat in this Ben 10 Omnitrix game. Want to head to head with Vilgax? Have a look at our awesome Ben 10 - Vengeance of Vilgax game.

Evasive Maneuvers

Ben 10 can jump to flip over laser traps and other hazards, and it’s a great way to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Rolling is even more important. You can roll under higher traps to get through them, but you can also use this technique in combat. Some enemies like to stay farther away from you so they can shoot at you, so they keep backing up when you try to get to them. Rolling allows you to close the gap quickly, plus, it’s a great way to dodge laser fire! Don’t let those slimy invaders get away – show them that Earth is not to be meddled with. 


He’s anything but helpless, so don’t worry. If you have to play as Ben 10 for a few moments while you’re waiting for the omnitrix to power up, you still have plenty of options. Punch, kick, knee and even claw your way through hordes of enemies. They won’t be expecting such an onslaught from a fleshy human, so take them by surprise! If you get an alien down on his back, no need for mercy – send him packing with a lethal finishing move! The more hits you string together, the more damage you do. The same goes for your alien buddies, but they hit so hard, they usually don’t need that many moves to get the job done. 

Transforming and Special Moves


It’s always a good idea to wait until you’re surrounded by enemies to transform. This allows you to get the most out of it before your omnitrix runs out of juice. Each alien has at least one special move, whether that’s shooting a projectile, smashing barriers, or just taking out multiple bad guys at once with a deadly combat maneuver. Learn each alien’s skills, because you’ll need their help to get past certain barriers and enemies. Ready to take on an entire alien army by yourself? Don’t sweat it, you’ve got your own army on your wrist! To stay up to date on all the Ben 10 action, check out our Ben 10 category page.