Ben 10: Omniverse Free

Complete Daring Missions

In this Ben 10: Omniverse Free! game, you’re called upon by people (or aliens, rather) who can’t protect themselves. A true hero doesn’t judge based on species, they put themselves in danger to save the day. Help defeat the evil Psyphon’s gang of thugs who are attacking the alien city. No need to make introductions if you see one – just blast away! Every mission in Ben 10: Omniverse Free! is packed with action and adventure. You’ll be shooting bad guys, dodging deadly blasts, and racking up some serious points right from the start! That is, if you can survive all of the traps.

Avoid Deadly Traps

As if taking out the bad guys isn’t enough, you’ll have to worry about explosives, floating balls of plasma, and all kinds of deadly traps! For this reason, you’ll definitely want to keep your eye out for health pickups. To make it even more challenging and fun, you’ll have to grab keys to unlock doors and remove barriers so that you can get to the next area. Keep your head on a swivel, Ben 10, because you’re going to be constantly moving. If you can follow these tips, you’ll beat our high score of 22,000 points in no time.

Save the Alien Underground in Ben 10: Omniverse Free!

Pull on the snake’s tail enough times, and eventually it will rear its head. You’re not busting baddies in the underground city for fun – you have a target. Psyphon is the one terrorizing all of these people, and he will have to pay. With the help of your partner Rook, you will hunt down and eliminate this troublemaker for good! Good luck with this Ben 10: Omniverse Free! game, hero, and remember to show no mercy! For more info about Ben 10 and his adventures, check out our Ben 10 category page.