Ben 10 Alien Force: Break In And Bust Out

Stickman Ninja Dash

Stickman Ninja Dash

Paper Monster Truck Race

Paper Monster Truck Race

Those Highbreeds Have Done It Again…

In this Ben 10 Alien Force: Break In And Bust Out game, what starts as a casual drive turns into a terrible crisis! One moment you’re driving along, minding your own business, and the next, a bunch of Highbreed aliens grab your cousin Gwen and throw her into a portal! They’ve taken her to a fortress in another dimension, and it’s your job to save her. You don’t think twice. You dive into that portal and dash towards the fortress. When you get there, you find that it is extremely well guarded. Time for a little showing off!

I Didn’t Know Ben 10 Could Do That, Did You?

Most would have turned back at the sight of those impressive fortress walls, but Ben 10 didn’t even blink. Using the omnitrix, he creates a stasis field in front of him. Then, he launches balls of energized plasma at those fortress walls! They won’t go down easily, though. Most bricks take a couple of hits to crumble. Be patient and quick as you scramble into position to bounce the next ball towards the tower defenses. If you run out of ammo, it’s game over, so be very careful to keep the ball going. Once you clear the board, you’ve beaten the level!

Unleash the Omnitrix!

After you successfully destroy a couple layers of the tower’s defenses, your omnitrix will begin to repair itself. This means that you can start transforming into aliens again, which will help you take out more and more of those Highbreed scum! Play as Echo Echo, Big Chill, Spidermonkey, Chromastone, Humongousaur and Swampfire. Each alien brings something different to the table, and trust us, you’re going to need all of the firepower you can get! Look for every opportunity to transform. The more forms you can take, the more confused your enemy will be.

Multiple Minigames to Enjoy

One reason we love this Ben 10 Alien Force: Break In And Bust Out game is because it provides such a broad variety of minigames. For each layer of the fortress’s defenses that you break through, you will have access to one of six minigames designed to suit each of your aliens’ talents. Blast your foes from a distance with Chromastone while you break bricks at the same time. Power through your enemies using brute strength with Humongousaur. Keep them guessing with Spidermonkey as you dash quickly back and forth. Whatever your play style is, this arcade thriller will give you plenty of opportunity to use it.

So Much More Than Simple Block Breaking

This isn’t your everyday block breaker. You will have to constantly be on the lookout for special blocks and power ups if you want to get through these fortress defenses. See that x3 icon falling from the top of the screen? Make sure to grab it for a super sweet ball multiplier! With three plasma orbs crashing around, you’re sure to clear the stage much faster. If you can keep them in play, that is. How else can you speed things up? Detonate explosive bricks, and they will take out all others in their immediate surrounding.

Enjoy Ben 10 Alien Force: Break In And Bust Out For Hours

This game is great for kids, whether or not you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network show that the Ben 10 games are based off of. The engaging storyline, attractive level design, and huge cast of characters keeps things interesting for hours. With each minigame, you find a new way to wipe out waves of Highbreeds. You’ll be having so much fun that you might even forget about Gwen until the last level! Be warned – it’s a tough one. For more Ben 10 Alien Force: Break In And Bust Out info and other Ben 10 games, check out our Ben 10 category page.