Bear On A Scooter

As Addicting As It Is Funny

We don’t know where he got it or how he learned to ride it, but in this Bear On A Scooter game, you’re doing exactly that – helping a huge bear to zip around the woods on a scooter. Since the bear is so heavy, and obviously not used to riding scooters, it’s much harder than you may think to stay upright. Lean forward, and back, but not too much! Bears eat meat, not grass…

How Far Will You Take Your Bear On A Scooter?

We hate to break it to you, but the first goal of “15 meters” is only the beginning. Once you achieve that distance, it keeps going and going. Here’s a pro tip if you’re having trouble: When you see the bear gasp, you know you’ve leaned too far to one side or the other. Best of luck with Bear On A Scooter, and remember to stay upright at all costs!