Bear On A Scooter

You’re Kidding Me – A Bear on a Scooter?

Maybe he snuck into a campsite and stole it from some snoozing woodsmen. Maybe it fell off a truck that was driving by the woods. However this bear found it, he’s certainly not letting the scooter go any time soon – he loves it! The only problem is, he’s a little big for it, and not the most coordinated fella. In Bear on a Scooter online, your job is to help our oversized protagonist learn to ride this scooter. Lean one way and the other to gain speed, but be careful, because it’s very easy to lose your balance! The farther you go, the more points you score. Just one wipeout with a bear this big, however, and that scooter will be smashed into a hundred pieces!

Sometimes, Simplest is Best

Who says you need humongous levels, dozens of characters and all kinds of gameplay twists to have a great time? We love Bear ona Scooter because it’s so simple, it only takes five seconds to learn. Well, let’s rephrase that: it takes five seconds to get the idea. It’s still very tough to master, but you won’t have to worry about long loading times, downloads or anything like that. This game is super quick, completely unblocked, and highly entertaining. It reminds us of the golden era of arcade games, when all you had was a button or two and a directional stick. Just try, fall, restart. Try, fall, restart. Do it until you have an awesome high score, and then beat that high score. And then again, and again, and again… That’s all you need to know!

High Score or Bust!

As we mentioned, this Bear on a Scooter online game is fine for just entertaining yourself with the funny gameplay, but if you’re a little more competitive, you can definitely shoot for a high score. We love how the score is represented in the game so that you don’t have to look up at your distance and possibly wipe out. Once you make it to your previous high score, you will see a flag. Pass it, and you’ve got a new high score! Want a pro tip for maximum distance? If the bear is about to tip over, his face changes from calm to “oh no!” You’ll see what we mean once you wipeout a couple of times. Think you have the steady hand to take our other balancinggames on? Give Wheelie Challenge 2 a go!

Free, Addicting and Totally Unblocked


Whether you’re looking for a quick laugh or a serious challenge of skill and coordination, this Bear on a Scooter online game is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. It may seem like a five-minute ordeal at first, but be warned: this game is super addictive! Once you really learn how to lean forward without wiping out, you will be pushing for triple-digit high scores in no time. Thanks to this game being completely unblocked, you won’t have to worry about being denied access when you’re at school! Ready to show us how far you can go? Let’s see what you’ve got.