Bazooka Gun Boy

Blast Aliens And Score Treasure In Bazooka Gun Boy

Bazooka Gun Boy is here, and as you can tell by his name, he’s not carrying a water pistol. He’s ready to take on this pesky alien invasion once and for all, and he’s got the firepower to back it up. Run, jump, and blast aliens in this exciting side-scroller that will keep you cheering for humankind. Make sure you grab as many coins as you possibly can when you are in between blowing up aliens. The more you grab, the higher you score.

Power Up With Jet Packs And Shields

If you need a boost to help you finish off all of these enemies, look for a bubble with a jetpack in it. If you can manage to find one, you will be given a shield and a jetpack to help you crash through aliens and grab more coins. Are you ready to fight for your life? Then jump into our Bazooka Gun Boy game and fire away!