Basketball Master

Own The Court With Basketball Master

A true Basketball Master can make it rain 3-pointers on the first try. If you think you’ve got what it takes to keep the swishes coming, even when a defender is in your face, then give this game a shot. Be warned, it’s a very cutthroat situation – if you miss, you lose. So take your time, line up the perfect shot, and let it fly! You can use the backboard, we won’t judge.

Challenge Your Friends To A Shootout

Once you have mastered the perfect shot, challenge your friends to some intense one-on-one action! Take turns giving it your best shot – whoever misses loses. Find creative ways to get around defenders that your opponent might not be able to repeat. The more obstacles you get around, the less likely your opponent is to make it. This Basketball Master game is sure to be a smash at your next party.