Basketball Master 2

You’ve Never Seen A Free Throw Like This 

You may have been crowned the king or queen of basketball shooting games on the playground, but have you ever banked a shot around a wall and a defender? Have you ever bounced a ball off of three trampolines and into the net? That’s what it takes to become a real champion in Basketball Master 2– precision, timing, and confidence.

Anyone can do well in basketball shooting games if they shoot enough times on an unguarded net. It’s when the huge chunks of floating ice get in the way that things get real. Get ready to challenge yourself again and again in new and progressively harder environments as you line up the perfect shot in Basketball Master 2. Make each shot count, but remember: If you take too long to get it in the hoop, you lose!

Test Your Skills With Basketball Master 2 

New to basketball shooting games? Don’t worry, we will go easy on you for the first couple of Basketball Master 2 levels so that you can get the hang of it. All you have to do to shoot hoops is press, drag, and release. Angle your shot to make it in the hoop and you’re moving on to the next round! 

If you’re the type who simply has to be the best in everything that they do, including basketball shooting games, we have added an entirely new level of difficulty to Basketball Master 2. Consider it our way of saying, “Oh yeah? Prove it!” Not only do you have to swiftly sneak your way past defenders and obstacles as you progress one of the best basketball shooting games online, but if you truly want to be the best, you have to collect all three stars as well! For Basketball Master 2 this often requires you to think on your feet and take shots you didn’t think were possible. 

Choose From Dozens Of Skill And Sports Games

Rest assured, there are hours of fun to be had with Basketball Master 2, whether you want to shoot hoops by yourself or with another player in two-player mode. If you crave more challenge, however, we are always working to bring you a steady selection of skill and sports game beyond basketball shooting games so that you are never bored.

Our Skill Games category will test your judgment, timing, logic, and coordination. Much more than simply racing or basketball shooting games, this category requires creative and critical thinking for success to be achieved. Make sure to check out each game, as they all offer new and fun opportunities.

Finally, if you prefer fast action to “thinkers,” our Sports Games category is all about creating the perfect play. Whether its Basketball Master 2 or one of our many other titles, you will have plenty of opportunities to aim, shoot, and win.