Basketball Master 3

This Basketball Master 3 Game is All Timing

Tap, swish, and score in this Basketball Master 3 game, the arcade game that puts your timing and skill to the ultimate test! The clock has almost run out, and it's up to you to sink the winning shot. Tap the screen to catapult that ball towards the hoop. Once you drain the perfect shot, there is no time to celebrate, because you'll have a new hoop to shoot at! This is one of the most addictive high-score games around - we ‘re hooked.

Rule Courts All Over the World

That's right, you can take your sports games skills on the road, showing off on packed streets, city courts or even a tropical beach. You can also customize your basketball. If you want, it doesn't have to be a basketball at all. Have you ever scored a game-winning shot with a jack-o-lantern? Load up this Basketball Master 3 game and go for glory!