Barrel Jump

Show Off Your Skateboarding Skills With Barrel Jump

Leap over obstacles and speed down the street in Barrel Jump, the ultimate test of your extreme sports skills! The concept is simple, but achieving a high score isn’t so easy. As you skate down the street, you will come across barrels of varying shapes and sizes that you have to clear with a single hop. Need a little extra “oomph?” Then look for the skateboard icon and grab it whenever you can! This will launch you twice as high into the air as you backflip over larger obstacles!  

Perfect Your Timing And Nail A High Score!

Jump too early, and you are sure to wipe out. Jump too late and, well, you get the point. You have to perfect your timing in order to clear each barrel. It may seem easy to get the hang of quickly, but you’re forgetting one thing. In this barrel jump game, you are constantly gaining speed.