Ballon Paradise

If You Love A Background That “Pops…”

Sure, you’ll be fairly busy focusing on the smirking and smiling balloons in this Balloon Paradise game, but the tropical background makes for a wonderful backdrop. As you scramble to pop these balloons, make sure you take a moment between rounds to appreciate your miniature vacation. Then you can get back to frantically popping the colorful little guys for big-time points! We just popped 18 in one round!

Balloon Paradise Is The Ultimate Stress Killer!

One thing that makes this a favorite of ours from the kids category, besides the fact that it’s funny, is the stress-relieving factor. You may notice after a few minutes of playing that your bad day suddenly melted away. Think about it – you get to pop things, which is satisfying in itself, and you’re in a sunny and tropical locale! A miniature vacation indeed. Smile your way to a high score with Balloon Paradise.