Animal Puzzle

Pair Up Cuddly Critters in Animal Puzzle!

What better way to test your matching skills than with this adorable Animal Puzzle game? A bunch of cute kittens, pandas, bunnies and other fuzzy friends have become separated from their friends. They need your brainpower to become reunited. Several cards are laid out in front of you, face down. Flip two of the same kind to pair our animal friends up. Be careful, though, you don’t have all day!

Time Is of the Essence

Anyone can flip cards all day until they stumble upon the right answer. To add challenge, this game drops you into an intense race against the clock. If you really want to save these creatures, you’ll have to use logical thinking and your memory to solve this problem quickly. The clock is ticking, so you have to think on your toes. Will you solve the Animal Puzzle in time?