Angry Dragons

Get Ready For Intense Aerial Battles

You can choose to avoid your foes or eliminate them as you screech across the sky in our Angry Dragons game. Collect as many golden eggs as you can while staying clear of the furiously flapping wings and powerful talons of countless enemy dragons. Don’t worry, it may take a test run or two before you get those wings warmed up. Once you’re a comfortable flier, it’s time to start fighting back!

Take Out The Angry Dragons And Rule The Skies

If you want to strike your enemies from the sky all at once, find a magnet! Find the electricity token and create a powerful field around yourself that destroys all who touch it. It isn’t so easy to find these tokens, though. You often have to slip through and around thick clusters of enemies to nab the powerups. So, what will it be? Avoidance or total war? Angry dragons lets you decide.