It’s Raining Metal!

That’s right, in this Alpha Guns game, you’re serving up serious helpings of lead to swarms of enemies as you run, jump, and flip your way through dangerous levels. You’ve been dropped into the hottest combat zone, and the only way out is to punch through tons of soldiers with raw firepower! Choose your hero and get your trigger finger ready, because this shooter delivers constant action.

In Alpha Guns, Firepower is Everything

We know how proud of your pistol you are, but you’ll forget all about that pea shooter when you find yourself a bazooka! Or how about a flamethrower? That’ll really tear through those bad guys. Speaking of, there’s more than just foot soldiers in your way – tanks and huge bosses won’t go down so easily. For bigger baddies, use bigger guns! Make sense? Now load up and take your best shot in Alpha Guns.