Aliens Attack

Earth’s Last Hope

With our alien attack game, there’s no time to think or plan. There is no time to strategize. Aliens are coming to destroy you and your home, and you have only one option left: fight. Load up on ammo, head to ground zero and show them what you’re made of. While you don’t have to solve a lot of puzzles in this game, you do have to think and act quickly. Dodge incoming fire and take out as many bloodthirsty enemies as you can.

Crush The Alien Attack

If you make it far enough, you just may blast enough aliens of them to save humankind. You can choose from a rowdy bunch of misfit heroes, including Rando, Mr. Zee, Ivan and more. You may be able to take a couple of hits, but without a health pack, you won’t make it too far. What are you waiting for? Load up, pick your hero, fight off the alien attack and save the world!